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Customer Insight & Data Analysis Web analytics has evolved, it is no longer about basic reports that deliver mere indications of traffic volume and audience interaction. Companies are not only demanding more insight, its critical to their success. The future is “customer analytics”. It’s about insight and understanding how your customer interacts with you across all your channels and then using that insight to seamlessly communicate with them in a personalised manner. I offer a customer insight and data analysis service that focuses on eight core areas: Reach & Acquire. Do you reach your target audience and inspire them to pay you a visit? Engage. Do you convince your audience that you are worth engaging with? Convert. Do you motivate your audience to take specific actions that are valuable to you? Retain. Do you offer value that keeps your audience engaged and your profits up? Experience. Do you create a positive experience that gets recommended? Understand. Do you understand where your digital strengths and weaknesses are? Compete. Do you know what your competitors are doing in the digital landscape? Predict. Do you know how your audience is likely to behave in the future? If you need some help understanding your data and want some actionable recommendations that will help improve your digital performance give me a call on 07811112654 to see how I can help you or fill in a short form to get my personalised action plan.                                                                                                      Disclaimer | Privacy | Site Map | Contact