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Is your analytics tool set up properly? Do you know which one to choose? Click here for technical help with analytics software tools Are you getting the right customer insight you need to make profitable changes? Click here for help getting actionable insight Do you know what data to collect and how to improve your online performance? Click here for help with your web analytics data strategy                                                                                                      Disclaimer | Privacy | Site Map | Contact Welcome to my website First 4 Insight. Web analytics has been a passion of mine for the past decade where client-side, agency-side and as a freelancer I have helped  businesses, large organisations and charities achieve great results online. I decided it was time to put all that knowledge and experience to good use and launch my own independent consultancy service.  Lorraine Maund, Web Analytics Consultant First 4 Insight. Arikin, Akin Chaffey, David Friedlein, Ashley Kaushik, Avinash Novo, Jim Peterson, Eric. T Sterne, Jim